Heritage Groups united at Unitary Plan Hearings

On Thursday 4 February, heritage groups from all over Auckland spoke with a united voice at the Unitary Plan Hearings.  The Panel are considering Topic 079 – Special Character and Pre 1944 Mapping. The Character Coalition made a strong presentation, with statements from chair Sally Hughes, evidence from heritage architect...

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Seismic Tax Coalition push for change

A coalition of local authorities and private landlords that want the cost of strengthening earthquake-prone buildings to be tax deductible may be making some progress. Inland Revenue has put out a discussion document on the issue and is asking for submissions on whether businesses should be allowed to write off the...

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December newsletter available

Our December newsletter is available – see the Newsletters page. This has been a tumultuous year for heritage in Auckland, and 2016 looks the same, as the Unitary Plan hearings continue until July. We can only hope that the Hearings Panel takes a balanced approach to preserving the finite resource...

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Public Shut out of zoning changes

Council yesterday released their revised maps for zoning in Auckland under the proposed Unitary Plan, and as indicated, the proposed single house zone has been substantially cut. Owners who were happy with their single house zoning in the notified plan in September 2013 probably would not have made a formal...

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