Out of scope upzoning rejected by councillors

At marathon full council meeting yesterday, lasting seven hours, councillors voted 13 to 8 to withdraw the evidence to the Hearings Panel on the latest proposed changes at shown in the maps released in December. This included the unpopular and undemocratic out of scope upzoning that blindsided the residents in...

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Heritage Groups united at Unitary Plan Hearings

On Thursday 4 February, heritage groups from all over Auckland spoke with a united voice at the Unitary Plan Hearings.  The Panel are considering Topic 079 – Special Character and Pre 1944 Mapping. The Character Coalition made a strong presentation, with statements from chair Sally Hughes, evidence from heritage architect...

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December newsletter available

Our December newsletter is available – see the Newsletters page. This has been a tumultuous year for heritage in Auckland, and 2016 looks the same, as the Unitary Plan hearings continue until July. We can only hope that the Hearings Panel takes a balanced approach to preserving the finite resource...

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