Framing Messages around the Climate Emergency

Event details

  • Wednesday | September 13, 2023
  • 7:00 pm
  • Zoom link: Meeting ID: 871 7638 7068 Passcode: 256171

Michael Hanne asks how climate activists can “frame” discussion more effectively to turn public anxiety into upward pressure on government to act. He analyses the presentations of the previous speakers in the Our Climate Declaration series, assembling a repertoire of the most effective devices they use to talk about the climate emergency.

Michael founded the Comparative Literature Programme at the University of Auckland and directed it for 15 years. His research over the last 25 years has focused on the key roles played by narrative and metaphor in disciplines as diverse as medicine, politics, the law, and education and he has convened conferences on these topics in New Zealand, the US, and the Netherlands and edited books from each.  Articles he has published can be found here.

Photo of Michael Hanne: Our Climate Declaration