40 Years of Civic Trust Auckland

bookPublished in 2009 and written by past president Munroe Graham, this 40 page book documents the activities of Civic Trust Auckland from its inception in 1968 until 2008.

Generously illustrated, it covers the issues leading to the founding of the Trust, notable projects undertaken, the people involved and ongoing concerns.

Copies are available free of charge.

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The Partingtons and their Mills

Published in 2022 by Civic Trust Auckland, this book by Munroe Graham grew out of a generous bequest by Myrtle Miller, who had envisaged the building  of a replica of the demolished mill at Symonds Street on land in the vicinity.  The story of George Partington and two succeeding generations of the Partingtons is told. They were a talented family of engineers who made important contributions during the early settler days of Auckland.

The book comprises some introductory chapters, followed by three main parts.

Part 1 covers the history of flour milling, the nature of flour mills, their component parts and operation.

Part 2 is the main part of the book, following George Partington senior and his sons in their early moves, as well as other characters within the Partington family, especially those known as the mill family, brought up in the shadow of the windmill in Symonds Street. There is mention of other people living near the mill, and their visitors, who had parts to play in the events taking place there.

Part 3 deals with the sale of the entire property holding to commercial interests, leading to eventual demolition and its aftermath.

ISBN 978-0-473-57956-2

260mm x 210mm (portrait), 235 pages

Price for sales through CTA website: NZD40, plus postage, where pickup from the author is not possible. Postage for single copies within NZ is NZD10.40.

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