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Welcome to the home page of Civic Trust Auckland.  We are a non profit public interest group, incorporated in 1968, with activities and interests throughout the greater Auckland region.

Our current patron is Hamish Keith CNZM OBE.

The aims of this Trust are:

  • Protection of natural landforms
  • Preservation of heritage, in all its aspects
  • Encouragement of good planning, for the City and Region
  • Removal of visual and environmental contamination
  • Publicising what we have and hope to achieve
“Heritage” includes:
  • Natural (landforms, sites, localities)
  • Built (buildings, fixed artifacts, street furniture)
  • Objects (sculpture, murals, vehicles, machinery)
  • Cultural / intangible (Maori, early settler, other historical, archeological, place names)

Civic Trust Auckland is non political in the sense that it does not favour any particular political party. It is of course highly political in the sense that it wishes to encourage, initiate and publicise various issues as a public interest group, with a view to effecting aims which it deems to be in the public good. It maintains good long term working relations with Government, the various regional and local authorities and many kindred organizations. 

Our aim is to assist these and other relevant bodies to save and preserve all heritage of importance and to help construct a better future built environment, to the benefit of our members and all citizens. 

We also encourage the creation, or continuance, of similar Trusts throughout New Zealand and the retention of links between them for their mutual support.

The purpose of this site is to inform of activities, publicise achievements by this Trust and others and provide a wide range of links to the diverse spread of organizations, which are either of importance in a general sense, or carry out activities, which can support the aims of Civic Trust Auckland.

Enjoy reading our news, essays and archive sections and details of our present, or proposed activities and publications. 

Contact us if you would like to join, make a donation, arrange a bequest, or respond to anything contained within this site.  We welcome essay, historical and general contributions to this site.