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Aotearoa Unearthed: Archaeology for Everyone – podcast series

Aotearoa Unearthed: Archaeology for Everyone is a new podcast by Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga, produced in partnership with the New Zealand Archaeological Association.

Eight episodes were released for New Zealand Archaeology Week, April 24-May 2.

Katharine Watson, a former president of the New Zealand Archeological Association, said, “The NZAA is always looking for ways to share what we do with New Zealanders. This podcast is an easy way into understanding the variety of work we do on a daily basis.”

The first episode is entitled “Toilets and drains in colonial Christchurch” and is about excavating long drops, drains and rubbish pits in the city, with findings about the public health, housing design and personal habits of colonial settlers.

Listen to the podcast.