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Buying coffee in a reusable coffee cup during level 3 lockdown

Coffee drinkers who have incorporated reusable coffee cups into their lifestyle may like to read this article on the Greenpeace website by Holly Dove, an Auckland-based plastics campaigner, about how to avoid takeaway coffee cups during lockdown.

The process begins like this:

1. Order your takeaway online, on an app or over phone, if possible. You can then let the outlet know you’ll BYO cup/container or would like your order in a reusable.

2. BYO CLEAN reusable and hold onto your lid.

3. Stay outside and remember social distancing when waiting to collect your order. We recommend you also wear a mask.

4. When you reach the front of the queue, step forward and place your cup on a premarked spot on a table outside the outlet or at the window servery. Hold onto your cup lid.

Read more here.

Photo: Greenpeace