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Civic Trust AGM 2019

Civic Trust’s 2019 AGM was held yesterday, Sunday 17th November at Kinder House.

Following the usual format, President Allan Matson presented his report, highlighting the major activities of Civic Trust in the past year. He illustrated the various issues and events with a slide presentation.

Next,  Allan Matson and secretary Audrey van Ryn presented prizes and certificates to the winners of the Civic Trust Heritage Festival Photo Competition.

The afternoon was rounded off with refreshments and strawberries and cream.

Allan Matson and Nathanael Senn

Allan Matson and Jonte Senn




The winner of the 15 years and over section was Gary Qin, with his entry titled “On Foot”


Nathanael Senn was the winner of  the section for older than 10 and younger than 15 years, with his entry titled “Hopeful Pawns”


Jonte Senn, Nathanael’s brother, won the section for up to 10 years, with his entry titled “Sunny Sails”