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CTA photo competition winner

The winner of the CTA photo competition in last year’s Auckland Heritage Festival in the 15 years and over category has now come to light. Gary Qin was unable to attend the AGM on 24 November, but he has recently contacted the secretary, and she will deliver his certificate to his family. Gary has kindly donated his prize money ($150) back to CTA “to support more new photographers like myself.” He said that winning the competition was a big encouragement for him.

Pictured is his winning photo, “On Foot,” one of three that Gary entered into the competition. He wrote: “I am a beginner to photography and I am developing my own style of doing photography. To complete the work, I carried my leica M3 everyday, walk around the different part of the city, looked for and captured images which are relevant to the theme of this competition. I used RPX400 film. I developed the film in my garage by pushing half stop and I scanned the file with my friend’s Nikon D850. I then invert the negative scan myself in lightroom. I believe people will appreciate the traditional photography.”

The theme of the Auckland Heritage Festival last year was: Journeys – the stories of how our people travelled to Tāmaki Makaurau by sea, by air or by land, to create a shared future together.