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Stop Ecocide: Change the Law, Protect the Earth

ECO hosted a webinar on 23 February about Ecocide, with presentations from Brigid Inder, OBE, and Lyndon DeVantier, Ph.D, co-leaders of the Ecocide campaign, Aotearoa – New Zealand branch. (CTA is a member of ECO.)

This presentation is now available.

It begins:

“Biodiversity lost at a rate not seen since the last mass extinction, with predicted loss of some 1 million species in coming decades.
Humanity in ‘ecological overshoot’ exceeding planetary boundaries, and with serious ‘flow-on’ consequences for food, water, health and society in general.

ECO encourages us all to learn about the Aotearoa manifesto, where you can also add your organisation’s name. If you wish to support the campaign on an individual basis, please sign the International Petition, then go on to sign up to become an Earth Protector

ECO will continue to host sessions that facilitate broader discussions on key environmental issues and concerns.


Note: The authors of this presentation are Brigid Inder and Lyndon DeVantier. Please use the presentation for information purposes only. If you’d like to use it for any other purpose, please contact ecocide for their permission.