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EDS briefings for incoming ministers

Today, the Environmental Defence Society published its briefings for incoming ministers in the coalition government, covering these portfolio areas:

  • Hon Penny Simmonds, Minister for the Environment
  • Hon Chris Bishop, Minister for Resource Management Reform
  • Hon Todd McClay, Minister of Hunting and Fishing
  • Hon Tama Potaka, Minister of Conservation
  • Hon Simon Watts, Minister of Climate Change
  • Hon Todd McClay, Minister of Forestry
  • Hon Shane Jones, Minister of Oceans and Fisheries

Key Asks for RM Reform and the Environment

ONE Ensure that the good aspects of the NBEA and SPA are retained in our future environmental laws

TWO Direct new projects of regional and national significance away from areas with high environmental value, using a legislated spatial planning framework based on the existing SPA

THREE Continue with implementation and development of national direction

FOUR Establish a biodiversity incentive scheme

FIVE Continue development of a Climate Adaptation Act

SIX Ensure that institutional reform accompanies any RM legislative reform

Other keys asks and briefing documents are here.