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EDS paper finds gaps in current law for managed retreat

The Environmental Defence Society has released its second working paper as part of its Aotearoa New Zealand’s Climate Change Adaptation Act: Building a Durable Future project, which develops recommendations for the content of the new Climate Adaptation Act.

This paper, co-authored by EDS Policy Director Raewyn Peart and Legal and Policy Researcher Benjamin Tombs, focuses on the extent to which current law and policy provides for managed retreat and identifies gaps which will need to be filled by the new act or other legislative amendment.

“Of particular concern is the lack of clear rules to prevent new or intensified development in areas subject to risk,” says Ms Peart. “We will also need to ensure that Māori are supported in adapting to climate risks, particularly where marae and other structures need to be relocated to safe locations. The acquisition of affected land is also problematic under current law.”

The working paper can be accessed here. Feedback can be sent to

Image: EDS