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Feedback on Auckland Council’s Annual Budget

41,146 Aucklanders had their say on Auckland Council’s proposed Annual Budget 2023/2024, the largest amount of feedback received for any public consultation by the council. The feedback will now be considered by the Governing Body and local boards as they work through final budget decisions.

The full regional feedback report is at Civic Trust Auckland is delighted that all public submissions have been made available on council’s website. We have been proposing this in our submissions for some years.

CTA’s feedback is number 36534, here, amongst the Albert-Eden Local Board feedback. It should be in one of the two volumes of regional organisation submissions. Its incorrect placement may be based on our Epsom PO Box number.

Just over half of the responses to the question of operating spending reductions supported at least some reductions. 39% selected “Do not proceed with any reductions and instead further increase rates and/or debt.” 51% did not support cuts to regional services. Reductions to public transport services was not supported by 27%. The most popular topic, the proposed levels of rates and debt, brought in more than 35,000 responses. Over two-thirds supported the storm response package.

The final Annual Budget 2023/2024 will be adopted on 29 June.