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Global ban on deep sea mining – petition

Many of Aotearoa’s Pacific neighbours are calling for a moratorium to protect their waters from deep sea mining, but our government has yet to speak out against this dangerous industry.

Deep sea mining is a new and destructive industry where minerals and metals are sucked up from the seafloor and waste products pumped back into the ocean.

The Pacific nations of Palau, Fiji and Samoa have taken a stand against deep sea mining. It’s the first intergovernmental alliance of its kind and another strong sign that the tide is turning on deep sea mining. Earlier this year Tuvalu revoked its sponsorship of deep sea mining and this month Chile announced support for a 15 year moratorium on deep sea mining.

Join the call on the New Zealand government to support a ban a global ban on deep sea mining.

Please sign and share this petition far and wide

Image: Greenpeace