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Help to transform Auckland: Support the TERP

Auckland Council and Auckland Transport are putting forward a pathway which has the potential to transform Auckland into a much more liveable, equitable and sustainable region.

The Transport Emissions Reduction Pathway (or TERP) sets out how we will achieve the targets of Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland’s Climate Plan, which was widely consulted on and unanimously adopted by Auckland Council in 2020.

To reduce our emissions from transport by 2030, everyone will need better travel options. With more options, it will be possible for far more Aucklanders to use public transport, walk or cycle – saving billions of dollars in fuel costs and preventing thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions.

The TERP outlines how to transform Auckland from car dependence into a liveable city. It is not a list of projects; they will come later as Auckland Transport responds by rethinking its planned programmes. It comprises a detailed and cohesive set of practical steps for changing our systems.

The pathway maps out how to improve all outcomes at once: health, accessibility, environment and safety, as well as making the system more efficient so business can thrive sustainably. The TERP sets us up for successfully achieving our climate commitments.

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