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Heritage is still missing from the confirmed Auckland Plan 2050

The final Auckland Plan 2050 was adopted by councilors on Tuesday. Despite over 40,000 people participating in the “Have Your Say” process, and various heritage groups submitting on the lack of heritage in the Plan to council workshops, there have been no changes regarding heritage.

See Herald article here: 

An Auckland Council Have Your Say update outlines the changes that have been made:

In the consultation on the Auckland Plan, we asked for your feedback on six key outcome areas and on how Auckland will grow and change over the next 30 years. The response to the plan was fantastic, and your feedback has informed the final plan.

Some of the key changes include:

  • a new focus area to promote participation in arts, culture, sports and recreation as a major contributor to our quality of life, particularly our general health and wellbeing
  • greater emphasis on the rapid transit network and on safety, including personal safety and security; and reducing the environmental impact of transport
  • more reference to public transport affordability and the impacts of congestion on Aucklanders’ quality of life
  • The expansion of some development areas and some new development areas.
  • This week, the council adopted the Auckland Plan 2050 setting the direction for how Auckland will grow and develop over the next 30 years.”


Civic Trust Auckland is deeply disappointed that public submissions on the need for specific heritage wording in the Plan have been ignored.