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Update on Chamberlain Park

Save Chamberlain Park (SCP), of which CTA is a member and on which we have submitted, has continued as an entity, primarily to ensure that:

  • the Local Board and Council do not renege on their commitment to leave Chamberlain as an 18-hole golf course.
  • the GEO certification (environmental upgrade, greenhouse gas mitigation, course improvement etc) happens.

All Council owned golf courses have been registered for certification. Chamberlain was one of the last to be budgeted for, and, to date, an environmental report is underway.

To achieve GEO certification, the standard would have to improve substantially and would need to involve a management plan, employment of a dedicated course superintendent and trained greenkeepers to provide golf course standard maintenance. The Council press release announcing the sale of AIM Services stated that “Chamberlain Park maintenance and golf course operation will be included in the sale, under a one-year contract to allow for the procurement of a specialist golf course operator.”

Issues relating to course facilities, hole closures, café opening etc are being dealt with by club members.

As a group, SCP represents both the thousands of casual golfers who play at CP and the thousands of non-golfers who care about the green space that is Chamberlain Park. There is now a good relationship with both the Local Board and with Council and it seems that SCP and the current politicians have the same environmental goal.